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Friday, 12 May 2017

Sometimes, you need only one.

If you're battling short-term attention span...

... and if you find that you can never focus on just one thing, just remember:

Sometimes, all you need is just one.

One success story, to make all your efforts worthwhile.

One goal, realized, to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

One thing. One man. One dinky-doo.

Adults now have problems focusing.

We're now in the age of adult ADHD, a strange condition where adults find that they have an attention span equal to that of a child. Adults these days find it difficult to focus, because it is too easy to find a wealth of information and experiences at the single click of a mouse, or, more modernly, at the single swipe of a finger. 

Distraction, it is all around us. It is with us. In our pockets, sitting on our desks. Sometimes even our very work equipment are the same sources of distraction. YouTube, video games, 9Gag, and other things of similar nature. Things can get quite deceptive when you realise that getting distracted also involves a lot of time and effort, and yet people can get distracted so easily. Don't believe me? Try this: When you are bored, watch a YouTube video. Then watch another. And then another. Ask yourself after the third YouTube video, are you inclined to watch yet another video? 

In the olden days, people read books, went outdoors, and had to actually go out and meet people, in order to communicate with them. Nowadays, however, the wonders of modern technology have done us too much harm. Our "research" can be done in a couple of clicks through Google. Nowadays, I wonder at how much effort goes into "research" when those who research use only Google!

And so, the answer is clear. To get things done, we really need to focus.

Enhance your focus by focusing on only one.

Make the focus of your efforts only one thing, at one time. Cut down the unnecessary stuff, it only creates noise. If you notice, the life stories of successful men are all about single-minded fanatics who devoted their lives to championing their causes. While yet they lived, but had not yet grasped success, the faint light of their vision shone in their eyes, and yet others looked at them askew and called them dreamers, crazy dreamers. And when, after a long hard battle with the slimmest of odds, these dreamers finally achieved their goals, they were lauded as visionaries and brilliant geniuses who saw, what others could not see. 

Cut down the clutter, tone down the clatter, bring the laser sharp knife to your platter. As you begin to cauterize the overgrowth that is your life, and cut away, bit by bit, the unnecessary parts of your daily routine, you'll find that things improve, little by little. Cutting away the unnecessary things in life may seem, oddly, unnecessary. But the wise man would do well to cut away the unnecessary, nevertheless, as this is the age of overwhelming distractions. We live in a time where it is a rare thing to find a moment of silence, where you can really focus.

This is an age where every whim and fancy seems plausible, because it's just too easy to find the success stories online. Want to run a food truck? There's a story about a successful food truck operator, who sold burgers, or wasabi sushi, or something, and made a ton of money doing it. Want to be a teacher? There's a story about a guy who left his lawyering job in order to teach, and found happiness doing it. Want to be successful? There's a story about a guy who quit everything and started an online store, selling dog chains to cat owners. The point is, it's easy to get caught up with everything, and want to give everything a go. And at the end of it all, you'll get nothing done.

So you should learn to focus.

If you're serious about success, that's the first thing that you should learn. Focus.

It's probably the second thing that you should learn too. Because learning takes a lot of focus, and doing also takes a lot o focus. Learn to focus, and you learn to learn. After that, you learn to do. 

Focusing on success means learning which things aren't necessary, and how to reduce the unnecessary.

Focusing means, saying no when you really want to say yes, because you think that you can do it (even though, realistically speaking, the chances of you pulling something like that off is next to nil, because you have 99 other things that you need to do).

Focusing means choosing one thing, and not letting go, until you've really given enough effort to it to tell yourself that, "I've tried, and I failed, and there's no shame in that."

Because how can you fail unless you have tried? 

And also because, there's been many a clever man who tried too many things, until he ran out of time, and realised, too late, that he couldn't get anywhere despite his cleverness, because he did not focus until he had put in enough effort. He would probably have looked at his not-so-clever friend who put in countless hours and lots of effort into a not-so-clever idea, and seen his friend succeed, because of his constant efforts.

So try until you fail. Better yet, try to fail, while trying to succeed. So if you don't fail, then you're probably still on the way to success. 

What does FOCUS stand for?

There are many abbreviations and acronyms that are floating about the Internet. I found three:

FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Success.

FOCUS = Finish One Commitment Until Success.

FOCUS = Find, Organize, Clarify, Understand, Select.

And then I made one up:

FOCUS = First Off, Cancel Unless Selected.